Six More Weeks of Winter?

Feb 2, 2017

Wow! Febuary 2nd! The holidays are over and we are well into the new year! We hope you all enjoyed them! It always seems to me that once January is under our belt I immediately start thinking about Spring! The only problem with that is Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of WINTER! Do you think we can trust this guy? According to predictions since 1988 Phil has only been right six times! Hmmm... so maybe we should be planning for Spring! We are gearing up and ready to go! Actually, this season has been so mild that we've hardly slowed down. We don't need a groundhog to tell us that Spring conditions rain, over saturated soil, wind and thunderstorms can leave your Lawn a mess. If you've noticed water standing in your lawn you definitely need to get it checked out. Soil erosion and improper contouring  of your lawn can be very damaging. Over Seeding, Swales, Drainage Installation, even burying the gutters on your home can drastically improve conditions. Check out our other links and call us! We will do our best to provide exceptional Lawn Service to meet your needs.