Lawn Establishment

The Grading of a lawn is often overlooked when considering what your lawn needs are, but there is nothing like an evenly graded lawn that drains well and is covered by plush green grass.  Whether you are starting from scratch or your existing lawn just needs some extra care, we can handle the task for you.  We have the appropriate equipment and crew to Grade your property and Seed or Sod the area.  Call our office to let us help improve your lawn and give you that great-looking lawn you have always wanted!



The first step in preparing your lawn for Seed or Sod Installation is Grading.  We will prepare the soil to ensure proper drainage and sloping of the lawn.






Seeding can be done on entire lawns or partial areas.  After Grading and preparing, the lawn is spread with seed and fertilizer, and covered with straw.


IMG_20121009_111009editeda.jpg IMG_20121009_130428_3a.jpg

Sod Installation

Sod Installation can be the best alternative when creating a new lawn.  Sod is a professionally grown, mature grass with an established root system, which gives you  immediate results.


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